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Bahrain Moms

If you have a son or daughter in Bahrain or going to Bahrain heres the group for you!!!!!!

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Life in Bahrain
I have many moms asking me, hows life in Bahrain? So I thought I would put a few things together, post it and update, make corrections as I remember something. Well aside from the very hot sun, nice beaches,museums,malls on and off base,the sand storms , which reak havoc on the weapons some carry :). Here are a few thing that might help.

New Arrivals
1. 2 or 3 weeks of training and classes to learn Bahrain customs,laws and the Navys do's & don't's
2. Not allowed off base til the training is complete.
3. No family housing. Non military persons were removed after 9/11. ("09" spouses allowed back )
4. Lower rank personal(I'll check the rank) must live on base in barricks. Others live off base in rental units.

1. Shifts are 12 hours long.
2. No uniforms are to be worn off base at any time only civ's (civilian cloths)
3. Unlike the States, there week is Sunday - Thursday weekend is Friday and Saturday.

1.They buy cell phones on base at the mall or Nex. They can call you for about 10 cents and send texts for 10 cent per text. (Tho in Bahrain they go by BD'S Bahrain Dollars).
NOTE: They CAN NOT text to some cell phone services. The ones I know are Nextel,Verizon and Sprint.
2. Everything they need can be bought on base at the mall or Nex. Even computers,tv's, music,movies .....everything......
3. Drinking: 18 is the legal drinking age in Bahrain on and off base.This goes for the military personal also with one Navy rule in order to buy/drink liquor or whiskey you must be 21, but at 18 they can consume/purchase beer and wine.

1. They have a on base post office. Which is closed I belive on Monday's.
2. On packages/letters you send DO NOT write Bahrain,middle east or Manama anywhere on the outside of the mail. This may make it arrive to the town P.O.(Manama) instead of onbase. The military ships its own mail but if it does not arrive to the state side base to be shipped to your sailor than its put on a internatial mail flight and sent to the town P.O. Your sailor will have a p.o. box with a FPO address on base only use the address he/she gives you and your return address. It will look something like this.
*Rank Name*
PSC ??? Box ???
FPO AE 09840-2800 (This one is the base news)

Sailors on a Liberty Tour

U.S. NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, Bahrain -- The Oklahoma City rock band "Hinder" peforms outside the NSA Bahrain's Freedom Souq June 22. The hundreds of attendees included service members assigned to NSA Bahrain and from visiting ships USS Peleliu (LHA-5), USS Pearl Harbor (LSD-52), USS Curts (FFG-38) and USS Dallas (SSN-700). The event was sponsored by the NSA Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Anderson Bomjardim (Released)

Discussion Forum

Visiting, shopping, travel, etc.

Started by Melissa. Last reply by MA - Big Als Mama Mar 16. 7 Replies

Families in Bahrain

Started by Monty's mom. Last reply by zuriaev Feb 28. 5 Replies

The Nimitz

Started by Melissa Ann Sep 17, 2013. 0 Replies


Podcast: Brian Beall Discusses the Navy Advancement Exam

This podcast interviews Constructionman Brian Beall, a Seabee stationed in Bahrain. Beall talks about taking the Navy advancement exam test and how well he did.

Podcast: Steve Davis Discusses His Time Aboard Ocean 6

This podcast interviews Ensign Steve Davis, a watch officer with Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 50, aboard afloat forward staging base Ocean 6 anchored next to the Khawr Al Amaya oil terminal in the North Arabian Gulf (NAG). Davis discusses his job prior to DESRON 50's departure from the barge. more

Podcast: Michael Christensen Discusses Life in the North Arabian Gulf

This podcast interviews Coast Guard Seaman Boatswain's Mate Michael Christensen on board USCGC Wrangell (WPB 1332), which is underway in the North Arabian Gulf peforming Maritime Security Operations. He talks about life aboard the Coast Guard cutter and protecting Iraq's oil terminals.

Podcast: Dana Cowher reflects on life in the Navy, Clint Eastwood

ET1 Dana Cowher, from Portland, Oregon, is a 19-year Navy Veteran. She talks about her career and family.

Podcast: Dustin Rushford dicusses life aboard the USS Ramage

This podcast introduces Damage Controlman Dustin Rushford, from Helena, Montana. Rushford talks about why he joined the Navy and life aboard a US vessel at sea.

Podcast: Mike Kelly Responds To Being Named Boxer's Junior Sailor Of The Year

This podcast interviews Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Mike Kelly, a USS Boxer Sailor who was recently named Junior Sailor of the Year (JSOY). He discusses what it took for him to get the award and dishes out advice for future JSOY wannabees. more

Podcast: Robbie Way Discusses His Role in the Region

This podcast interviews Lt. Robbie Way, a Royal Navy officer stationed in Bahrain. Way talks about his job, his past experiences in the region and the differences between the U.S. and U.K. navies.

Podcast: Jamie Foote Discusses His Interaction with the U.S. Navy

This podcast interviews Lt. Jamie Foote, who is a Canadian naval officer deployed to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command. Foote talks about the similarities and differences between the U.S. and Canadian navies.

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Comment by mother always on Thursday

Good morning!!
KC'mom, very Happy for you!! Have fun and Cherish those moments when you get to see him again!!!!

Comment by KC'smom on Thursday

My son is back in the USA from his deployment!!  I haven't seen him and have no idea when I will because we are in 2 different states, but I don't even care! Tonight, he is out with his wife and friends surely celebrating his return to US soil!!  So happy!!

Comment by ILoveMySailor on April 6, 2014 at 10:35am
Do leave chits get approved pretty soon or does it take awhile? I read it takes 30 days but has anyone had a sailor not get approved on time? Has it taken awhile?
Comment by ChrisyDVM(Chris'sMom) on March 23, 2014 at 12:10am

KC's mom, I totally understand as well. I have a friend whose son is in the army but he's stateside and gets to come home occ or they go see him. I have a cousin whose sons live in Europe but they too are home more often than my son or they go visit them; money doesn't seem to be a big deal and her sons are really good at calling and skyping, FB etc. Bahrain is sooo far away and being in the military overseas is NOT the  same as going to school or teaching in another country. Unfortunately my son stinks at communicating and says it's too dangerous to visit not to mention very expensive but I'd still like to go at least once. However, I've had a lot of health pbs since he left in June last year and just had a total knee so making that long trip hasn't been feasible anyway. So rant on; we here understand how you feel and it's nice to know there are others in the same "boat" LOL! We Navy moms have to be strong...I don't think most of our kids have a clue what we go through and that's ok...they have a lot on their minds. It sure would help to see his handsome face and hear his voice more often or get more than 2 sentences in an email or FB message every other month! LOL

Comment by KC'smom on March 22, 2014 at 12:28pm
Thanks! I let him know via email that it is required that he call home this weekend- haha!!! ( FaceTime ). Well don't you know he tried calling but we are at a ball field all day with my youngest. He's going to try again tonight. I know I'll feel better after speaking to him. Turns out my daughters new softball coach is ex navy & has been to Bahrain. He said he never wants to go back ( yikes ).
My son is stationed far away from me & I won't even be able to see him when he returns. But I don't even care!! Just want to know that he is in the US.
Thanks all of you beautiful navy moms for lending an ear.
Comment by chriscwick on March 22, 2014 at 10:14am
N4Ms & in particular, this page saved my sanity the three years my son was in the sand & even, now that he's stateside. I've been on other pages, they're okay, but not like this one. They continue to welcome us x-Bahraini Moms! Rant on, this is a safe place to do it.
Comment by paces on March 21, 2014 at 6:25pm

KC's mom....Completely understand. I could only find any solace here. Rant all you want. None of my friends or family, for that matter, understand. It got worse for me after he was home for a visit last Sept. It was so hard to let him go back. He is set to come back to the States mid to late summer/fall. I can hardly wait. It just is not coming soon enough. He will be on the other side of the states from us, but at least he will be on the same continent. Was able to talk with ours last weekend. Maybe yours will call soon. Thinking of you.

Comment by KC'smom on March 21, 2014 at 6:14pm
Sorry folks, in a mood today. I want my son back in the US. I just do. I don't have a single friend whose child is in the military. Not one! And when I bring up my feelings I get answers that piss me off. " oh, he'll be home soon " for example. How would they know that? I haven't told anyone when he's coming home? People just want to give a quick shut me up answer. Or passify me- "oh, he's fine". How would they know? My son gets in an airplane several times a week. Crap happens & moms worry. 99% of the time I'm fine. But sometimes I have a bad day & want my son to come back. And I have no one to talk to that is in my shoes. Again, sorry for my rant.
Comment by Maddy(ship 03,div 085) on March 20, 2014 at 9:43pm

Hello moms,my so will be going to Bahrain in a few weeks. Can anyone please give me some info on cell phone use? Any advice? Should he take his iPhone?
Is wifi available there?

Comment by Concernedad on March 13, 2014 at 5:43pm

My son was telling me his flat is across the street from a Chili's and there is a maid who comes in and cleans up the flat for them. Hmmmmm


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