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Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones)


Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones)

To everyone with a loved one at the RTC or soon to be there, we say, "Welcome!"  To those who are sticking around after PIR to help those who are just beginning this awesome journey, we say, "Thank you!"

This is a place to talk, ask questions, and share stories. It is our desire that this Group will provide the information, encouragement, and support you need while your loved one is at the RTC in Great Lakes. Enjoy your time here and feel free to Comment and join in the Discussions. Be sure to check out the "Pages" to the right, located under the pictures of the Members, especially OPSEC and PERSEC (Making Changes to Your Profile), (Click "View All" to see all of them.)

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Answers to Common Questions

Are there any official RTC sites?

Yes, check out and They will have lots of information for you. also has items at times.

The RTC will stream PIR live at and beginning at 8:45 am CST on the day of PIR for those who are unable to attend in person.


Can recruits take anything to BC with them?

Recruits should go with what they have on their backs, their cell phones, and not much else. (See Things to Do in the Last Month Before Your Future Sailor Leaves for the RTC.)


What will the first day be like at BC?

See Arrival and What Happens at the RTC and Ship/Division--How it Works.

How long is the "I'm here!" call and when will s/he be able to call again?

See Phone Cards and Phone Calls.


When will "The Box" come?

It will usually arrive by FedEx within a few days, but it can take up to 2 weeks at times.


I got my recruit's address from the recruiter. Can I trust it?

Double-check the address the recruiter gave you against those at, but we strongly encourage you to wait on the form letter before sending mail to your recruit. Sometimes a form letter is not mailed by accident and if it has been at least 2 calendar weeks since your recruit arrived at the RTC and you do not have a form letter, then you can call the recruiter and get the address and mail letters to your recruit, but be sure to double-check the address against those at or Ship/Division--How it Works.


When will the Form Letter come and what is in it?

The Form Letter will arrive in your regular mail a week or so after "The Box" arrives--10 days after arrival is the average, but it can come sooner or 2 to 3 weeks after arrival. (You can find a copy of the current form letter in the Page, The Form Letter. The brochure that is included from MWRGL about hotels and other things is at This form letter is full of info and you will need it to get the vehicle/gate pass if you are driving onto the RTC for PIR, so keep it in a safe place. It includes your recruit's address, so now you can mail out all the letters you have been writing. There is more on this in Letter Writing & Fun Stuff/Questionnaires to send to your Recruit.

The Form Letter will also tell you the date of PIR, so you can start making plans for your trip. There are many hotels in the area and there is information in the grad pack and on this site about them. If you fly in, renting a car will make your life easier. Also, if you are flying, some airlines, such as Southwest, will allow you to change your flight if something happens without a charge, so you do not have to book refundable tickets. Plan to arrive the day before PIR so you won't risk missing this very special event and go to Sarge's Meet and Greet (go to Events on the right or in the tab above and move the calendar to the day before PIR and then locate it) and maybe part of another Meet and Greet (Ramada Inn has one and sometimes Flanagan's). If your Sailor's "A" School or training is in GL, plan to leave late Sunday or on Monday and if your Sailor will be flying out, then plan to leave late Saturday or on Sunday to have the most time with your Sailor. (This may need to be adjusted if PIR is not on Friday.) See Saving Money PIR Weekend and PIR Day and Liberty during PIR Weekend.


Sarge has a taxi service and he is a wealth of information and has a Meet and Greet at the Sundance Saloon in Waukegan the night before PIR. His cell number is 847-212-0246. His M&G and services have been getting great reviews. Find Sarge on N4M as OldSarge.


Once you know your recruit's PIR date, be sure to join the group for that. New groups are posted on here or you can go to and join the group for that once it has been created.


How do I know who my recruit plans to put on the Access List?

The Form Letter will also include the names of up to 3 or 4 people, depending on the size of the TG, that your recruit plans to put on the Access List about 10 days before PIR (some Sailors have indicated that they submitted the names during the week of PIR). If the names on the form letter are not the same as those who will be attending, write to your recruit and give him/her the names that should be listed as they should be written. Recruits sometimes write “Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis” or other similar names to save time and give them more time to write a short note to you (one recruit wrote a single letter on each line); don’t worry your recruit will write the given names on the Access List when the time comes. If you are concerned that your recruit may not know someone’s given name or the correct spelling of someone’s name, write to your recruit and give him/her the names as they should be included on the Access List. Nicknames that a reasonable person would associate with the name on the ID are fine, but it is best if the names on the Access List match the ID’s of those who are attending. will tell you how many guests your recruit is permitted. Children ages 2 and under do not have to be listed, but all others must be on the Access List in order to attend PIR. The then Sailor is able to change the names s/he has submitted for the Access List up to 24 hours before PIR if needed, but it is best if s/he submits the correct names the first time. Let your Sailor know when you receive the "I'm a Sailor!" call if a change needs to be made.


How do I get the vehicle/gate pass?

About 11 days before PIR the link to download the vehicle/gate pass will be posted at You will need to enter the password from the form letter using all capital letters and then print the vehicle pass and handwrite in the information to fill in the blanks. You can print off more than one vehicle pass if your Sailor's guests will be arriving in more than one vehicle or just to be certain that you know where one is.


What will happen PIR weekend?

See PIR Day and Liberty during PIR Weekend and


Donna is not on the site much now and lemonelephant will be helping out along with many others who have begun this journey before you. (Donna, we are forever thankful that you started this group that continues to help so many.)


Be sure to check out the Pages to the right (under the pictures of the Members) for additional information. (You will need to click "View All" to see all of them.)

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BC training for moms challenge

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I'm a Sailor call

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Comment by CryptoDad 2 hours ago

Michelle0206:  Info on the Recruit Petty Officer positions can be found at

Comment by DREW7062 2 hours ago
TREEHUGGER; awwwwww I hate to see you go I wish you much luck and I have prayed for your son keep us posted, please much love
Comment by DREW7062 2 hours ago
TEXASMOM13: Thanks for sharing your story and I'm glad you mentioned giving the recruiter a picture of my son I didn't think of that, but I did thank him. I will also give him a pic of my son, they did a wonderful job on the pictures he looks so good. I picked them up from the nex when he graduated last week.i encourage everyone to get the photos they are really nice. Thanks again Texasmom...when I see the recruiter I will also tell them about this site to share with the families. :-)
Comment by Patrick's Mom 2 hours ago
TreeHugger, my oldest son had a similar injury his senior year of wrestling and he had to forfiet his match which kept him out of State. Certainly doesn't compare to your Sons Navy career but the point I wanted to make was that he also healed fast with rest and therapy. We are praying that your Son also has a speedy recovery!
Comment by DREW7062 2 hours ago
You have some good recruiters out there and you got some dirty ones as well.... Like everything else you have good and bad....but please stay on this site. Great folks here. Lemon knows everything.if she don't know she'll find I bugged lemon so much I know she got tired of But she helped me tremendously
Along with DIANNEP and CATMOM they all probably got tired of me lol. And Good luck!
Comment by MamaBear 3 hours ago
Ashley's Mom, Yes Mom it does get better. I got to clean her room for two straight days, still have to clean the rest hahaha, that's a whole different ballgame!!! Momma you will have moments here and there but little by little it will get better!
Boy, I never thought I would say that! Thanks to all the other ladies!!
Comment by Michelle0206 3 hours ago

Hi ladies, just got our second letter from our recruit, who is about half way through  BC, and he said he is on Ship Staff for ship 2, doing schedule boards for the whole ship. He was not too detailed and i am trying to understand better. Do they generally give more responsibilities to the recruits who have been there a little while? (it would make sense organizationally)

Comment by Oleander 3 hours ago

All the best TreeHugger! Will be thinking of you and will continue to pray for your sons recovery. Sometimes it's hard to understand the plan, but there is one and your son has a bright future. Best!

Comment by NBSmom89 3 hours ago
His address will be in the letter?
Comment by ProudParents 4 hours ago

Thanks Texasmom, sharing your experience helps a lot! Good idea on the pic/thank you to Recruiter. My son really liked his. Congradulations to you and your Sailor and good luck to him!


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