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Ship 5 Moms(Formerly Ship 17)


Ship 5 Moms(Formerly Ship 17)

For loved ones and graduates of Ship 5(17) no critics!This is a haven for the above, not for those seeking to attack those in need of support! PLEASE READ THRU MASTHEAD. MANY QUESTIONS ANSWERED HERE!

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LEGAL 847-688-4949 hit 1 at first prompt, 7 at 2nd.
***Have recruit sign WAIVER so they can speak to you about their case. The hours in Legal are 9 am to 5 pm Central Time. This is only if they are being separated and have been transfered to Ship 5.
If they are being separated on medical issue, have them sign HIPPA release so you can talk about the medical issues too.
Medical 847-688-6755
ADDRESSES FOR ALL SHIPS add division number.
Ship 5
3610 Illinois Street
Great Lakes, IL 60088-3118
PUBLIC AFFAIRS 847-688-2405 if no word from recruit they will have them call back!!
TRANSPORTATION ;Once your recruit has a date going home a civilian handles the actual arrangements His number is 847-688-2767 ext 112, Most recent update is this person only hands over the paper work to the travel office which handles the travel arrangements.Have recruit call when he gets to that point to firm up the arrangements.
Contact your CONGRESSMAN if your recruit is getting a raw deal, it does wonders.
Recruit Training Command Ombudsman
(ombudsman assists with problems recruit s family is experiencing)
Ombudsman info
Great Lakes, Illinois 60088-2845
DSN: 792-3603 ext. 100
PHONE: 847-688-3603 ext 100
This one has specific numbers too
NORTH CHICAGO VA HOSPITAL NAVY LIASON; for hospitalized recruits
1-847-688-1900 ext.85438 or 85441
write to
5722 Integrity Drive
Bldg 768
Millington, Tenn 38054
Phone; 800-522-3451 Mon thru Fri 8am to 4 pm
GreatLakes Web page
go to Great Lakes Directory on that page for phone numbers not listed here
RED CROSS ASSISTANCE FOR CONTACTING MILITARY IN FAMILY EMERGENCY,1082,0_476_,00.html Refer to this page re Red Cross Assistance Phone number; 877-2727337
TAMP (Transitional Assistance Management Program) is a program that offers TriCare standard benefits to separated service members (and their dependents) for 180 days after separation. The coverage begins the day following separation, and you can then go to CHCBP (Continued Health Care Benefit Program- similar to COBRA at $933/quarter for service member, $1900 for family), The separated service member has to call and activate the TAMP benefits. That's it- just a phone call. The service member had to have served for than 30 days and the cause for separation has to be no fault of their own (like a medical condition). DEFINITELY worth looking into! Here's the info:
Here's the link for info about the CHCBP, as well:



This contains all the codes and authorities complete with detailed explanations. It explains every block and every code on a DD-214.


Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction in the Military Services

  Department of Defense INSTRUCTION NUMBER 6130.03


Criteria and Procedure Requirements for Physical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction in the Armed Forces

  Department of Defense INSTRUCTION NUMBER 6130.4

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Comment by NukeWife yesterday
she said she's going to meet with legal Monday. i guess it takes time from when she first arrived to get her case sorted and be able to go to her legal briefing. what would a good re-enlistment code be vs one that isn't so good?
Comment by Hank'sMOM on Tuesday

I think every situation is so different.  NukeWife - did she have her Legal briefing, with a re-enlistment code provided?  She then has the right to meet with a JAG lawyer who will make recommendations about her case (whether to appeal, etc.).  My son met with the JAG lawyer yesterday, and is not appealing to go back to training, as he will not win.  He is appealing to have his re-enlistment code changed to give him a re-enlistment code with better chances of re-enlisting in the future.  He says it will take 3-4 weeks.

Comment by NukeWife on Tuesday
thanks all for the info. I called the number and got to speak to her before she made any decisions. it looks like she's going to try to appeal. she doesn't want to give up and I respect that. does anyone have any information on the appeals process? how long it takes and perhaps the chances?
Comment by Heidimom on Tuesday

Oh, as for recruiter: nothing s/he can do now. Later, that depends on how trustworthy. Some SRs have used the same one, others have done due diligence and found one willing to go the extra mile.

Comment by Heidimom on Tuesday

NukeWife,  you are probably not in a "unique situation," however, I suspect that there is only limited info for you. In order for you to get any info, your wife must sign releases for you to every single person or entity. 

The number for Administrative for Ship 5 is:

847-688-7444. I believe the exiension is: 456. The one time I called, they were very understanding and helpful.

Praying for answers and peace for you and your family.

Comment by NukeWife on Tuesday
it seems I have a very interesting situation. I'm hoping I get to talk to her before she makes any decisions. ultimately I will support any decision she makes be it try to appeal or separate and try to re-enlist at a later date.
is there anything her recruiter can do in this situation? or would contacting him be a dead end?
Comment by Heidimom on Tuesday

Oops. Sent to early. As a husband, you are in a tough position. There is a lot of information on this site. There is also a Navy for Dad's site. The Navy itself has a site that gives a lot of info and numbers.

Best wishes to you and your wife.

Comment by Heidimom on Tuesday

I agree with Nicole. There seems to not seem to be an ability to know any real specifics. 

Comment by Nicole on Tuesday

Hi NukeWife...I don't have much info but my son is as SEPS and arrived there on January 20th. He just got to go see legal today and they said his paperwork would most likely be back between wednesday and friday and a departure date would be around a week after those papers get back. I think it is a little different for everyone. As for phone calls, I know that most people have received phone calls but I did not except for when he arrived at SEPS and one today after I had called Legal to have him call me back. One individual in their unit had done something so the whole unit was denied NEX privelages from what I understand. So I think the phone call thing really varies. Good luck to you and your wife, I hope everything works out well for you

Comment by NukeWife on Tuesday
HanksMom, thanks for the information. it's very helpful. she had a waiver that was accepted during MEPS and that's why she was able to ship off to boot. then in the middle of boot they requested another one. I figured that since the first one was accepted, this second one would be also. they told her while she waits she should complete boot camp which she did. she's hit so many road blocks already with having been sent to FIT and when I got the call this morning, she sounded tired of it all. it was sad to hear. she sounded defeated.
I guess my next few questions are the phone call situation. when should I expect one again? and if she chooses to separate, how long will the whol process take?
sorry for writing so much and thanks for listening. I could really use all the support you're willing to give.

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