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Comment by CO-TwinSalorsMom 8 hours ago
OMG proud Mom of a Sailor, where do you live I swear that the girl on the right is the same girl who lives where I do and who's brother in Navy in Japan.
Comment by navyboy2012 10 hours ago

Hope everyone is doing good! Just thought I would share a support group link on fb. I know some of you are already members, but I see there are some new moms, and it's always nice to have plenty of support. Hope to see you there! Have a good week ladies!

Comment by Cath Bubblehead mom 10 hours ago
Love the concept! Not sure if I have the patience! Thanks.
Comment by LoriM (div 337--Kevin's submom) 11 hours ago

ProudNavyMom and Mrsb, love the pics.  That is funny how we think we are shrinking and everyone asks if they are still growing. 

Comment by baby dukie's mama 11 hours ago
Ooh!! Gotta do that one!! I like over complicating my food just to make it look cool!! Thanks for the idea!!!
Comment by Kevsmom93 11 hours ago

Here you go Cath :-)

My husband and I made one but it didn't turn out quite like that We couldn't find a nice oblong style watermelon so we settled for a fat roundish one instead. We bought two just in case and yep needless to say that was a good idea. My husband is a little on the strong side and when he went to make the first slice the top flew off haphazardly! I stood there cracking up! Anyway it brings back good memories and I guess I could share the one we made if you really want me husband says it looked more like a little two man submersible (and he's right it did :-o )

Comment by Cath Bubblehead mom 12 hours ago

msrb & Proudnavymom- Great pictures!

Kevinsmom - how do you make a watermelon submarine?

Comment by Kevsmom93 12 hours ago

Don't forget the Submarine Watermelon for your party!!! lol!!! 
I wish we could be there too that is so sweet of you :-)  I bet you're having fun with all the party plans, have fun my friend! You are just the little mom in that pic sandwiched between two adorable, tall handsome Sailors you lucky girl!

Comment by mrsb 15 hours ago

Kevsmom thanks!!  I grin like that every time I hug my Sailor, which is multiple times a day!!  My son is picking up his buddy on friday to spend the weekend with us and attend our Aloha party. Wish you and your husband could come but it's a long drive for you. :(  Either my son is still growing or I'm shrinking, I look really short in that pic!

Comment by Kevsmom93 yesterday

mrsb and ProudNavyMom#1 oh my goodness those are such handsome boys and so much happiness and joy in everyone's faces!! 

mrsb you're beautiful mom face is just shining through in that photo I couldn't be happier for you!!  (I recognize the other young man on your left from my own son's past pics!)

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!! 


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