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BESS Graduation

Started by Praynmom. Last reply by scubagirl Dec 10, 2014. 4 Replies

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Comment by Cerise on Thursday

baby dukie's mama   I laughed when I read your post.  I wonder if the girl at the parlor works there or were "just" there for a tattoo?  Two of my friend's kids got tattoos right when they turned 18.  Fortunately little classy one, am interesting cross (UU) on the shoulder for boy and a small something (can't remember) between shoulder blades for girl  (can only be seen when she wears a tank top).  My husband who was in the USMC, thought about getting a tattoo for years but never found one he thought he would like to "wear" the rest of his life, so now at 50 he still doesn't have one.  :-)

Comment by tina41 on Thursday

hello all!!

William--glad to hear you got lucky with all the time you got to spend with your sailor!!  the picture if beautiful!  I have yet to receive any from my son!lol  I keep asking for them!

Comment by William in Nashua on Tuesday

My son spent 2 years in Groton before his  boat relocated to Hawaii, and we went there a lot,  there is not much to do in Groton, boring even, the location is a bit out of the way and the weather is not good.   A lot of bars and the big casino up the street so pretty easy for the sub guys to make new girlfriends.  On the other hand a lot of girls get tattoos these days I never saw so many young ladies tattooed as I just did in Hawaii.  

The time of year you fly to Hawaii makes a huge difference, before Chrismas the tickets would have been $1,700 each but for the middle 2 weeks of Feb. it was under $700.  So keep an eye on the airfares they vary hugely.

Comment by baby dukie's mama on Tuesday

Ooohhh!!! How beautiful.  I hope my son gets Hawaii, however, now he wants Groton.  He found a lady friend at the tattoo parlor! GROAN!!! I hope he gets assignes to Guam because of that!!  LOL!!  Also, there is that slight problem that if he does get Hawaii, the transportation is a bit costly... I would make sure I got a chance to get there, even if it meant selling off a child or two, got plenty to spare!!  LOL!! ;)

Comment by William in Nashua on Tuesday

We just got back from 2 weeks in Hawaii vising our son.    I posted a bunch of other trip photos in the Nuke Mom's group.  His top choice on the dream sheet after graduating Nuke school was a Virginia class fast attack sub at Pearl Harbor a slim chance it seemed at the time.  Took the boat 2 years to be relocated to Hawaii though.

He had 2 technical schools to attend in Hawaii, one ended the week  week before we arrived and a briefer school while we were there, and some special liberty from the commander to cash in which translated to he was detached from the boat the better part of two weeks with us while the boat was out on patrol.

The timing was perfect: just after we left the boat went out again this time with him on it,  for more than one month expected. Lol.

Comment by William in Nashua on Tuesday

 MOMofDREW2.0 click the icon to the right of the LINK button that lets you upload a photo from a file on your computer.

Comment by Freese71 on February 23, 2015 at 9:05pm
Joyce I was just in Groton for a 1st time visit to see my son, we stayed in New London, 4-5 min from Sub base. There are a lot of hotels in the area, we stayed (my daughter & I) Springhill Suites by Marriott Waterford/new London.$159 including tax, parking,etc breakfast Buffett and the thing I liked the best ck out was 12noon. My advice is use or one of those sites and than google it for reviews because after being around there some of the area is better than others.
Comment by MOMofDREW2.0 on February 23, 2015 at 3:36pm

How do I post a picture?

Comment by Joyce on February 23, 2015 at 3:21pm
I'm going to see my boyfriend in Groton CT in a month. What are some nice places to stay that aren't to expensive? Are there fun things to do?
Comment by Rhonda8881 on February 23, 2015 at 1:33am

All Sailors get to request their top 3 choices for their first assignment. Not everyone gets their first choice. The higher they graduate from Sub School the better their chance of getting first choice.  They do not always get the rate they want either. My sailor wanted Fire Tech but was given Navigations Electronics Tech because of his test score on ASVAB. He is much happier there than I think he would have been as Fire Tech anyway after over 8 years.  One note about Guam.....unless things have changed if your sailor is assigned to Guam, the Navy will not transport a vehicle for them.  The island is too small.
Good Luck to your sailor Charlesmom.


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