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Comment by William in Nashua 2 hours ago

 I too write we are  proud of  him and the family loves him.    When he does come back  I get a text or a call then he is off to find a restaurant to get a quick break from boat food.

Eaglefan our son's boat is out there constantly I try to tell him look at how much money you are saving by eating every meal on the boat most of the year instead of back in Hawaii and getting your pick of  restaurants haha that doesn't go over too good though. 

Comment by LoriM (div 337--Kevin's submom) 4 hours ago

Phoebs, that is funny that you always tell your son that you are proud of him, my husband always says the same thing. I always say I love you and I get the you too. I know when he actually says I love you he is really missing home.

Comment by ndsubmom 21 hours ago

Rhonda881 -- Glad to hear baby is doing well.  I also am a diabetic mom of 8 children.  My oldest who is now at BESS was born 38 wks and the rest were all earlier than him all the way to 29 wks.  All mine are strong and healthy kids.  one thing diabetic moms do for their early babies is put on extra weight which does actually help them to be born early.  So glad baby is well and daddy got to see him.  Congrats!!!

Comment by Phoebs 21 hours ago

Eaglefan-hopefully you start hearing from your son soon. I think the reason it got to me this time there has been a few issues with his financial stuff and I had hoped to receive an answer to the issue.  Thankfully the evening I wrote on this wall I received the long awaited email which had been sitting in lala land for a while. All I can say is thankfully I was patient and everything turned out fine.   Thanks for all the support!  I'm praying for a safe return of all our sailors..  I love them all and I'm so very proud of them.  

I sometime wonder if my son gets tired of reading the same thing over and over..  "We love you son and we are so very proud of you!!"  Haha--if he does he will never tell me. 

Comment by philly_mamasota yesterday

Webby2014 and Eaglefan enjoyed your posts and I'm sure that will be me soon. My son said "When you stop hearing from me, I'm underway." It could be any day, week now. This is what he trained for and he's excited. It will be harder on his fiancé because they speak every day but she's in med school so she will be busy. He's my buddy and we laugh at the same weird things but I'll be ok and count the days until I hear from him again. I bought a journal to write in every day he's gone so I don't forget to tell him something. Thanks for your encouragement to other sub moms.

Comment by Webby2014 yesterday
Missing him already. Left today after being home for a two week leave. It wad so nice to have him back in the house again. Hope to see him before he goes back out on patrol later in the year. Bought him a car to take back to the base. He was so happy to have a vehicle again. Hug them tight when you can and tell them how proud you are of them.
Comment by Nana Donna (nanaTo2Saliors) yesterday

Rhonda yes you are correct Boomers do not have that kind of homecoming.  I have one grandson on a Fast Attack and one on a Boomer.  I never hear from my boomer grandson until he is back on land.   However I do get to email him while he is underway.

The grandson we welcomed home in San Diego it will be his last deployment as he will transfer to shore duty in the next several months.  Just a short underway to take the boat up to Washington for it's decommissioning.  Now both my grandsons will be together in Washington, they are super excited about that.

Comment by Eaglefan yesterday
Hi Phoebs, I'm pretty sure our sons are on the same boat. I haven't heard from mine in 5 weeks. I've been weepy right along with you;-)! This is my son's 3rd underway, and it has gotten easier, but I still have a hard time with the prolonged silence. Praying for our sons and their shipmates for a safe a speedy rest of their patrol!⚓️♥️
Comment by Cath Bubblehead mom on Saturday

Rhonda - congrats on your new grandbaby!

Nana Donna - it's great that you got to see his boat come in. I did not realize until my son was underway that boomers do NOT get that kind of home coming! In fact we might not even be notified that they are returning until they are home!

In my son's case, he was actually transferred at sea to a coast guard vessel and sailed back to an Island near the home port. He was on a ride along since his boat has been in dry dock.

In the end all was well as long as he was home safely!

Comment by Nana Donna (nanaTo2Saliors) on Saturday

Hello all, I haven't posted in a long time but do pop in often and read.  

My grandson just returned last week from a 7 month deployment on the USS Albuquerque it's final deployment.  It was so hard for him to be gone that long especially for his wife and 2 small children.  We were able to go to San Diego and watch the boat come into port.  It was amazing watching him come of the boat.  His little 7 month old son cried when he tried to hold him, but his 4 year old was so excited to see her Daddy.

While he was underway his wife did receive several emails but there was a couple periods of very long silence.  Here is a funny thing about emails.  After we welcomed him hone she was sitting there 2 days later and received 2 emails from him, so the delivery is certainly delayed/


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