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Comment by LindaGirl 13 minutes ago
Feeling a little depressed tonight, as my son leaves later in the day for a 2 month deployment or there abouts. Am going to miss his weekend calls to us, as I so look forward to those calls. :-(
Comment by sasharanger 40 minutes ago

I was the Mom who was inquiring about shipping clubs.  I found that regular US Postal Service was the least expensive.  I found a box at a local sports store that fit his bag and clubs (golf shoes enclosed in bag) and sent the whole shabang for under 100.00.  I did not insure it (big risk since he has some high end drivers included) but it knocked off 30.00 from the total price.  I sent his hockey gear later for a little more than the clubs.  His hockey sticks make it fine and I wrapped them in bubble wrap I purchased from the dollar store.  You can get cheap bubble envelopes that work well when cut to size also from the dollar store.  Good luck with your shipment and let us know how it goes. BY the way, I sent all of this from Vermont...pretty much as far as you can get from Hawaii.  LOL

Comment by BunkerQB 49 minutes ago

We shipped a guitar from CA to OK. Special box. $150 w insurance.

Comment by MOMofDREW2.0 2 hours ago

FedX has a box for sending golf clubs.  If he has a hard case you could ship them in it and skip the box. It cost me $80 to ship in the FedX box from Sacramento to Goose Creek 2 years ago.

Comment by tidefan 5 hours ago

my son was sonar and now he has been told radio-what is the rate for that?

Comment by LoriM (div 337--Kevin's submom) 5 hours ago

BunkerQB, thanks for the info. I did tell him that since he maybe be coming home for Christmas(?) he could take his skis and in the equipment back with him. I do know that his driver is custom made-he was on the golf team all through high school. We are going to see him in WA in the spring/summer (all depends on his underway schedule) and I thought we could bring his clubs. My husband has traveled with his clubs and it wasn't too bad. 

Comment by BunkerQB 8 hours ago

Don't know much about ski equipment but here's my suggestion if sending golf clubs.

On mailing golf club to Hawaii: depends on the following:
1. How expense is the set? There are 14 clubs (or less) to a set. If it is a decent quality, the set can cost $3000 to $4000. Of course, you can get a set from Costco for $700. If it is in the upper end - make sure you have insurance.
2. Level of play of your son. If he is a low handicapper, he probably is particular about his clubs and expects to play often, he will want the set with him.
3. Any packing store w an UPS affiliation will be fine. They can make any kind of box you need. We have had hundreds of clubs shipped (from Golf Smith, Edwin Watts, individual sellers on EBAY, Callaway Used clubs, PING) to our home over the years. Have never had a lost club. Make sure the box is made of card that is stiff/strong enough.
4. It will be cheaper (and easier) to send it w/o the bag.
5. Traveling (flying especially) with golf clubs is a real pain in the rear. Does he really want them with him?

If he does not think he is going to be playing that often, he should consider buying a used set in Hawaii. Just look on Craigslist. Or better yet visit the various golf courses and see if they have an discounts on new clubs or "used" trade-ins. A cheap "good quality set in Hawaii - one that he could sell to a buddy later would be fine. With the economy, I'll bet he can get a great deal out there.
My son has his normal "custom fitted" set with him but he thinks it would have been easier to get a used set in HI. Besides, playing golf is really incompatible with his work schedule.

Hawaii golf courses. The course at Hickum AFB is wonderful, especially for the price. The Navy-Marine is so-so but still good for the money.

Comment by LoriM (div 337--Kevin's submom) 9 hours ago

Did someone mention that they sent golf clubs to HI? If so, what type of box did you use. Also, who did you send it through? Son was looking to get his ski equipment sent to him in WA and then later his golf clubs. He really doesn't need the clubs right now. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Comment by John and Yvonne Wagner yesterday

CO-Twin, that would be a great idea if we had a big freezer, but alas, we don't. :( That would be one way to get him here though! Hmmm...maybe we should go out and buy one! LOL


Comment by Mark yesterday

That would be a promising thought, Kaye, but it doesn't look like there are direct flights to Indy from either Seattle or Knoxville, so a flight would need two more connections than a trip going through a hub airport.


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