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Comment by baby dukie's mama yesterday

My son got his orders today, and he's going to be a Plank Owner!  He's going to be on the Illinois!  I don't know how he finagled that position.  Maybe because he lived most of his life in Illinois....or his charm....Either way I'm chuckling loudly as he told me when he first came to Groton, that by no means at all would he ever want to be on a Virginia class sub, let alone one of the new ones!!  Well, he will be part of a brand spanking new boat, of which he is pretty excited.  Funny how things change in such a short amount of time!!

BTW, I cannot find a group for this boat.  Is it too new? or do I need to know the "secret handshake"?  Just curious, as I'm excited to embark on this newest leg of his journey!!!

Comment by CO-TwinSalorsMom on Friday

Love your post MaryBeth. So true. I saw a HUGE change in maturity in my twins.

Comment by mrsb on Friday

marybeth, what a wonderful way to put that, no longer a child but an adult at peace with his decision. That's just marvelous!!!

Comment by BunkerQB on Thursday

MomofDrew, thank you - I wished I had known about spam folders years ago. Would have saved a lot of hand wringing. It has been 3 years since my sailor completed his commitment to the Navy. Having been a part of the sub and nuke communities has been a real bonus in the obtaining civilian employment. It's like a secret handshake. I still check in, just in case anyone needs help.  :)

Comment by MOMofDREW2.0 on Thursday

BunkerQB, check your spam folder for emails from the sub.  I missed the first couple.  It wont come from your sailors regular email account but a new one with the sub's name in it.

Comment by marybeth on Thursday

Yesterday i took my CHILD to the recruiters office.  They were doing some photos for an article being written.  There were two other deppers their who will go to BC together and on to sub school.  Their was a sailor there who is assigned to a sub and they were able to ask REAL questions about life on the sub etc. It was no longer a child riding home, but an ADULT who was at peace with this decision and sooo excited to begin this new life. 

Comment by BunkerQB on Thursday

My son once said, "Mom, you'll just have to be patient and wait until I get around to answering your questions." I replied, "Are you kidding? Really? Any good mother would ferret out the answers ASAP. It might be decades before you are good and ready, I'd be retirement community by then. I can't believe your CO aren't used to getting inquiries from pushy moms?"  He laughed, looked at his watch, "I told my CO it would only take 2 minutes for you to get your dander up."
Yes, I shut up and waited. (huff).

Comment by Cybermom on Thursday
Bunkerqb,I did send an email to someone I'm told is the ombudsman, if I waited for answers to my questions from my son, I'd never get anywhere.
Comment by Cybermom on Thursday
Anyone here with a sailor on the USS Providence? Or know if there's an FB page?
Comment by scubagirl on Thursday

BunkerQB, I know he put me on a list when he got to Norfolk and I think it was for his ombudsman but when he called this morning I was so surprised he was been flown out today I forgot to ask all the right questions.  We had spoken a couple of days ago and he did not think they were going to fly him out since they had already been gone 2 weeks and this is a short underway.  He was training to be a line coach this week for the rifle range and he had the impression he would finish that training and not go out until they deploy since this is a short underway. It really is not a big deal and I will be asking alot of questions  from all the moms to make sure I know all the right questions to ask him before they deploy at the end of the year. Thanks for all your help and information.


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