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Comment by J's/S'smom 12 minutes ago
AmyL, I have a tendency to worry too much, so I know how you're feeling. Just hang in there and know that you don't have to worry alone--we're all in this together!:-)

scubagirl, I love what your town did for the fallen Marines and Navy Petty Officer. That show of support goes a long way in bringing a measure of comfort to the families of the fallen.
Comment by Amy L. 1 hour ago

Thank you all for helping to calm my over-protective mind!!!  Especially you BCGoldy03 and J's/S'smom!!!   You words have made me feel much better!!  Much, Much better!!  My baby is a "free-spirit" and does like to have fun, he's a good boy and hasn't gotten into any trouble but he's already looking forward to "seeing the world" and I know it can be a really bad place if you don't know your surroundings!!   Thanks again and I hope I never lose touch with all of you because I will need everyone on this journey!!!  Might end up needing a fifth of whiskey every other day too!!!!  :)   Nah, it would have to be Vodka for me!!!!  :)   Hope everyone has a great evening!!!

Comment by scubagirl 3 hours ago

Hi all, I have been stalking all my groups from my I Phone but it is not easy to respond on the phone.  I will type a post and hit  some button and the whole post is gone.  I decided today to sit at computer and check in with you all.  My son is in Norfolk on the USS Newport News.  Does he like it NO. He can be very serious and does not party.  Most of the guys he know like to drink and play video games.  He has never been into video games and he became the designated driver when he was in college.  He says I am not becoming that again and taken advantage of all the time by drunk guys.  He was in Norfolk for two weeks doing check ins and then he was taken out on a tug to his boat.  They were going on a underway for a few weeks.  He is on a Fast Attack and they are going out every few weeks getting ready to deploy later in the year.  Not much time to really get to know people or really get his feet wet with all to do.  His first choice was King Bay and a Boomer and he got his first choice but one of his classmates was getting married and he asked to give up his first choice to the other sailor so he would not be gone from his new bride for such a long period of time.  Now he is in love with his girlfriend and planning a wedding next fall and he will be the one with a new wife and long deployments.  This is one time he should have thought of himself.  LOL  He never seemed to have a problem with that when he was a teenager.  His pay has been a mess every since he got to Norfolk in March and that has not helped.  I tried to tell him to pay close attention to what he was getting paid because he may get allotments he was not due and that they would be taken back every month.  Guess what he got money he should not have and now the Navy realizes they paid him extra money and is taking it back.  Not something you want to see when you get back from underway that you did not receive pay while gone.  With any luck August 15th pay will be back to normal.  Now if I can get him to do a POA so I can handle things while he is gone.  Communication is so sparse while they are under that he has to have someone handle things.  What can I say he is 23 1/2 and wants to not listen to his mother.  We live in GA and one of the Marines shot in Chattanooga was from our area.  We went to the bridge overpass that was closed down for the precession to the funeral home.  It was filled with flags and people. Fire truck had a hug American Flag flying and the honor guys from the Police and Fire were on top of the truck.  It was humbling and very sad but also I was very proud of our city.  The streets were lined on Sunday between his church service and the GA National Cemetery.  He was a graduate of my husbands Alma Mater.  I can not imagine the pain all the families are feeling.  NMH's to them all.  


Comment by mrsb 19 hours ago

Welcome Amy and KJL!  Everything the ladies and William has said is true!!  The communication can sometimes be spotty but they try when they can.  They have a buddy system so they don't wander around a strange place by themselves.  When mine is under I don't hear from him much but I do send emails, just to let him know that I'm thinking of him.  It is difficult for us but we have to remember why they are where they are, to protect all of us.  You will all be fine!!

Comment by Melissa 21 hours ago
KJL, I agree that this adventure is going to be stressful for a mom and her first born, but I am so geatwful for all of you moms helping prepare me to be strong and prepared for my T's entry to OCS after graduation next year
Comment by CO-TwinSalorsMom 22 hours ago

Awe, KJL, You will be fine. It is hard at first but with time your son will be able to communicate more often. I have two, one only will FB message me but does so almost everyday. When he does not I know they are doing official business.. His twin is on a sub and can not communicate as much, he does however text often and asked me to email everyday when he is down under as he does get them and it is his only connection to the outside world. He said it helps him a lot. He always calls the minute he is off the boat. I cried ALL the time at first, and I still will occasionally for no reason, just miss them and will cry at any news on the armed forces and patriotic stuff.

Look at it as losing water weight. 

Comment by bcgoldy03 22 hours ago

Hi and welcome AmyL! If it makes you feel better you should know that my son (in almost 4 years now) went to a well known University for 2 years before he enlisted in the Navy and he has been FAR better off, out of trouble and safer in the Navy than he was in college. And that does include some port time in some places where he had fun with a group of his sub buddies but good, clean safe fun and back on exactly when they were supposed to be.

At the university he got into financial trouble, academic trouble and in the end got physically injured requiring a 10 day stay in a trauma unit. There has been NONE of that in the Navy! 

He also has learned to be far more productive, cleaner, independent, and responsible (mostly?). I was very nervous and spent quite a few sleepless nights at the beginning but i have learned to trust in the process and trust the organization of sailors around him who are all invested in keeping eachother safe. They do form friendships and watch out for eachother. 

Hope this makes  you feel better. Eventually you will feel a sense of faith and confidence in all of it. Trust me too in addition to all the other experienced Navy Moms (and William!!) on here. 

Comment by J's/S'smom yesterday
AmyL, not sure if this was answered yet or not, but when on liberty, the sailors generally buddy up in groups of 2 or 3 or more. They will be well briefed as far as safety goes, so you have nothing to worry about so long as your sailor follows the rules. Actually, if he doesn't follow the rules when in port, you will have nothing to worry about either, because the chance of him getting any future liberty will be slim to nil for a long time. :-)
Comment by LindaGirl yesterday
Hi Amy, it's great to have you aboard with us. When my son finished boot camp, he went to Groton for a year of sub training for sonor tech, as well. He is now in Hawaii, & is adjusting very well. They are kept very busy qualifying for their Dolphin pins, which they are expected to get in about a year, as well as studying for their next rank upgrades. Once they have gotten their Dolphin pins, they are regarded with new respect, and are treated as an equal, sort of like, no longer being a probe! We are expecting our son back home to New York for a 2 week visit this coming Saturday, on August 1st! Can't wait, it's been soo long, since we last saw him.
Comment by Cath Bubblehead mom yesterday


Quals are short for qualifications. Sailors are ALWAYS qualifying for something! There are quals when they first get to Groton that they should start asap. I know a sailor in my son's group procrastinated and then was freaking out when he was running out of time to finish!

One of the bigger ones is earning dolpins (aka fish). That is started after they are assigned to a sub and should be finished in the first year at their assigned boat. It is in their best interest to do it sooner than later as they are NUBs (Non useful bodies) until they have them and have limited freedom.


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