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Comment by tysmom 10 hours ago

Great story!!!

We need to start being the people like James in this story. If not us, then who??

Comment by SlezaksMom 18 hours ago
Thanks everyone!! I'm supposed to be taking a nap, but wanted to say that yes, I agree there are angels among us.

Moreover, I think WE can be angels for others. It's the little things (like taking pictures of sailors graduating for their moms who can't be there) that we CAN do that make a difference to others. It's service. Our kids do it, and we do too.

<3 to all you angels and I apologize for anyone's makeup that got wreck because of my story! :)
Comment by T'sNukeMomMM(class1449A) 19 hours ago

KKristen, Thanks for the information. Kaye S. also pointed out the pages to me of files or documents. Thus, I plan on reading this files which are full of good useful information.

Comment by ProudNavyMom#1 21 hours ago

Slezaksmom, I've been trying to post since last night and for some reason, it wouldn't post. But here I go again... :)

You must be with your Son now and what an awesome and memorable story you will have to share with all about going to his graduation! Congratulations to him!!! You must be a very proud Mama! God bless all of you, and the wonderful people like James that would just step up and grab you as if he's known you all his life with an There you are!!HAHAHAHA

It is awesome and its heartwarmning!

But when I read it last night I teared up as well, I felt your every emotion running through your mind and body as you are told you will be delayed yet again if your luggage didn't go with you in the main cabin! And oh, so much more! When all you are thinking about is getting there and enjoying this awesome day with your boy!!!

Well, I hope by now all of this is behind you and you are enjoying your boy and giving him lots of hugs and kisses.  For some reason, they seem to love them more now than when they were younger! hahahaha  I bet he misses you as much as you did!!! God bless all of you and may you have an awesome and blessed time with him and a safe trip back.

Big NMH to both of you!!! And please thank him for his service and give him a big NMH from me! HOOYA!!!

Comment by hoosiermamma 22 hours ago

SlezaksMom I am sitting at work staring at my computer screen with tears rolling down my cheeks reading your story.  Human compassion never ceases to amaze me!  That gentleman was definitely a knight in shining armor.  Bless you and your son.  Enjoy your time with him.  NMH


Comment by ProudNavyMom#1 22 hours ago
Lindagirl I feel the same as you. Grateful for all the moms out there and folks that are so welcoming and warm to our boys when we can't be there. God bless the nice folks out there, our boys , and all of us! :) big NMH!!!
Comment by T'sNukeMomMM(class1449A) 22 hours ago

Slezasksmom, What an awesome story. I also needed tissues. May James life and others like James be abundantly blessed. There was definitely an angel watching over you. Have a great time at your son's graduation.

Comment by LoriM (div 337--Kevin's submom) 23 hours ago

Slezasksmom, you probably had the biggest smile on your face at graduation. People like James make the world a little bit brighter. 

LindaGirl, your story is so sweet it made me cry especially with the holidays coming up.

Comment by baby dukie's mama yesterday
Slezasksmom thanks for sharing!! It's heartwarming to know that people like James exist!! Especially when you see how the world has changed over these past years. Many blessings to all the James' out there!!

Hope your visit was great!! Those hugs from your baby must have been sweet!
Comment by LindaGirl yesterday
Slezaksmom, OMG, what a beautiful story, it's so nice to know people out there who really care. It reminds me of a story my son told me when he first got to Hawaii a year ago. He had only been there for 3 weeks, before it was Christmas Eve. He and another sailor went out to dinner at a restaurant on Christmas Eve & struck up a conversation with a mother & her daughter. When my son & his friend went to pay the bill, the waitress said, "it's already been taken care of by the lady who was seated next to you". How I would have liked to have given that mother a great big hug! I know my son was homesick & lonely, especially around the holidays & it meant so much to me that another person would do that for my child.

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