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USS Harry S. Truman


USS Harry S. Truman

Anyone with a sailor aboard the USS Harry S. Truman?

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USS HarryS Truman homecoming

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Comment by carrie yesterday
Good evening navy sisters,I hope all is well with everyone. And hope the Moms had a ball with they Sailors visits. Guess what, I finally had a 8 x 10 pic made & framed, to hang up on my wall of Truman sailing with the Rainbow while there were at sea during the underway!

This pic (keepsake) is so breath taking & calming and the best part; my Sailor son was on board at the time this pic was taken! (your Sailor's too) na-na-na! hahahah! :) Peace & Love
Comment by Catsmom on Friday
To tall Joan, I am so sorry about your kitty. ((((HUGS))))) I also love my animals like they are my kids. We lost our kitty a few years ago, broke my heart. Just our baby Willy now, my granddog who is now mine. Talk to him all the time, and when I spell out go to the beach, he runs to his leash, so yeah I believe they can spell..LOL

Linda, hope you hear from your son soon. And everything is ok.

Have a good weekend everyone! Going to the Pompeii exhibit on Sunday, should be fun.
Comment by julie01 on July 24, 2014 at 8:55pm

Too Tall Joan, so sorry to hear of your kitty.  Eerily, too close to call for me on this one.  Your daughter and my son in the same, knowing the personal tragedy of this sailor.  My son also lost another friend 4 years ago, on the same day (which also would have been his friend's birthday) Now , 2 friends lost. I told him to go to the chaplain, but I haven't heard back.  I believe one hour could have made a huge difference for everyone and could have dramatically changed the outcome.  Carrie... you are right about the weird vibe in the US and how we need to have faith to keep it together. I am shaken to the core on this one. So often, we just don't hear from our SR and can almost expect that to be the norm.  I hate this, it is real hard to believe it is real.

Comment by Carol Ann on July 24, 2014 at 1:14pm

LindaD: Try looking at the Truman emergency contact information on website and see if there is somewhere else you can get a hold of there. I have this number you can try too-it's Truman Emergency contact number: 757-396-3516 or 757-572-7031. You can try that. Please let us know if your son is o.k. as now you have me worrying too. Thanks!

Comment by LindaD on July 24, 2014 at 1:06pm

Thanks Carol Ann, I left a message with the Ombudsman and one with the shipmate that called at 7 this morning. I also got the number for the watchman but keep getting a busy signal. I saw the latest article about the incident on Tuesday and they had names mentioned; I talked to my sailor late Tuesday night so I know he wasn't involved. I'm not feeling as agitated as before, I've gone into waiting mode and I feel something is wrong but it's not a dire emergency.

Comment by Carol Ann on July 24, 2014 at 11:45am

LindaD: Get a hold of the Ombudsmen and see what they have to tell you...

Comment by Carol Ann on July 24, 2014 at 10:23am

Ladies: So sorry to hear and see the story about the tragedy. I told my son about it and he said that building is very high and the walls around the top--someone would not have just fallen-- he thinks they would have had to of been pushed over intentionally. He does not know who this is as there are no names mentioned in story and he hasn't spoken to anyone still with the Truman to find out if he personally knows these two or not. Carrie: so scary all these planes being shot down. Don't know what the heck is going on. Makes you afraid to fly cuz you never know...Too Tall: I have 2 cats myself and am so sorry to hear about yours. I have been through this with other pets and it hurts. I fell like my pets are my children and get so attached myself. My husband and children tease me about it and say how spoiled the current two are. Last night as a matter of fact I completely cracked up my son and my daughter when I was telling them about the one cat who was in the room and I spelled the word out so the cat wouldn't hear me say the word. They completely lost if laughing and teased me. My son mom do you think the cat can spell too!!?! I said no I just know that she knows what that word means and that is why I didn't say it. The two of them have really bonded together again since my son is back home again and love to gang up against me and tease me. I guess I am the butt of their jokes once again! That's o.k. makes my heart swell with happiness to see them pick up where they left off. CATSMOM: Congrats to Crystal! You have a right to be proud! Everyone:Love reading about you and your kids/husbands and what all is going on still with you all.

Comment by LindaD on July 24, 2014 at 10:19am

I'm in the middle of an anxiety attack and I need to TALK to someone. I got a voice message from my son's shop this morning but couldn't understand what he said. Instead of hitting the button to save it and listen to it again I delete it. I called the number back and left a message to call me again. Who do I call to find out what's going on?

Comment by carrie on July 24, 2014 at 7:47am

Another Airplane (Swiss) is missing (100 passagers & 6 crew members) over in West Africian, it didnt show up on the radar after only been flying for an hour. That was 1 am!

Ps: Y'all notices since last week all the airplanes getting shoot down or crashing! Helicopter's crashing Now, another Airplane has disappeared from radar! (second one in four month) hmmmmm
Comment by carrie on July 24, 2014 at 6:17am
Finally---- got 2 text (we fine!) @ 3 am this morning from my sailor and his sailor friend, everybody was asleep! They have to be at work early! They heard about Tragedy but, didn't think to check in with Parents, my sailor always tells me Mother nobody (ordinary people) think
like you! I told him, I'm a Extraordinary person, I'm one of GOD chosen one, I have several Divine Gifts from GOD to do his work! So, boy just check-in with Ok or smiling face icon if u r able to get a signal wen something happen while in Military! We parents be worry about our kids, when something goes wrong!

Too Tall Joan.... sorry for your lost, ppl pets are like a FAM member! Ima buy me a Parrekee Bird, so he/she can say: Carrie, don't worry! I love you Baby!!! Lol I needed that laugh, because so much troubles going on and I live thru 911 & DMV Sniper!

I really keep getting this strange feeling, its
just a matter of time and all Hell going break-out in the US! So, I'm praying for Divine Order and Divine Peace in this World for all in the name of Jesus

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